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Our Mission:

To deliver genuine service alongside a product built with pride. Always staying true to our strong family values, putting people before profits.

     Established in 1973, Pine Bend Paving has celebrated over 50 years in the industry. We believe that with such an extensive history, there isn't a project we haven't seen or a problem we can't fix.


     Originally founded by Lyle Jacoby and George Passe, Pine Bend Paving has now seen three generations of family members work their way into the company.  With a workforce of over 40 dedicated employees, averaging over ten years of service, the idea of family runs strong through every aspect of our business.  We strive to extend this idea to our customers, hoping to turn new customers into old friends.


      Pine Bend Paving is proud to be a union contractor that has access to a wide variety of qualified subcontractors to compliment all of your projects needs. Below are a few of the organizations we honored to be associated with;

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